Marketing Network Group’s Commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Marketing Network Group has partnered with the Irish Centre for Diversity to implement a commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equality as part of our agency culture and values.

All of the agency were on board from the beginning and embraced the steps we needed to achieve different milestones.

It has opened up interesting discussion and debate around many societal topics, reinforcing our curious minds and collaborative nature.

We are at the beginning of this pathway of discovery and have completed the first stage of Bronze Accreditation from the Irish Centre for Diversity.

To achieve this, we were obligated to commit to a number of specific actions.

  1. DI&E Leadership training for the management team
  2. Unconscious Bias training for the whole agency
  3. Introduction and revision of three specific policies
    – Diversity & Inclusion Policy
    – Recruitment & Selection Policy
    – Anti Bullying & Harassment at Work Policy

In addition, we have introduced the concept of Diversity & Inclusion champions in the agency, who each share an action that will be completed every month, making another difference to our commitment to DI&E

Our creative team developed our own lockdown for Marketing Network Group, EDI, to use on our email footer; we have had a rich discussion and internal survey regarding the use of pronouns and our digital designer developed an animation for EDI. Lots more to come!

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