Creative Agency

Boasting a full in-house creative department with skills ranging from TV through to in-store brand initiatives, the agency is well set up to work with clients of varying sizes and with varying demands. An ever-expanding offering has seen the agency team grow from traditional media across the broader digital landscape. Client needs are ever-increasing, and the agency has sought to stay ahead of the curve in that regard. Apart from graphic design and artwork capability, the agency now includes digital design web development, social media content curation, videography, animation and photography within its day-to-day service offering.

Branding and Identity Development

In the beginning….there is a blank canvas that we have the joy of working with clients on in the creation and development of their dream(s). Bringing to life the kernel of an idea that may be embryonic, newly born or in need of teenage tidying up is a period that oozes enthusiasm, and our creative team bursts with childhood passion as they go on the internal journey of discovery. Looking to identify the best brand name, the shape of it, the tone of it and the manner in which it may be presented to the world. Branding is a never-ending story for every product or service because as the world changes, opinions change, and audiences change, you need to ensure that your brand and its identity remain relevant, and that is something we know well in Marketing Network as a creative agency.

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Communications Strategy and Planning

Our architects look out on the landscape, crafting various pillars of communications principles, goals and objectives to meet the needs of multiple personas is just the start of the strategic journey. Once stakeholders support the strategy, the planning function builds out the top-line tactics required to find the insights that will seek to uplift the audience.

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Art Direction and Graphic Design

The creative brief. A good one gets you a good outcome. A brilliant one gets you a brilliant outcome, and a bad one…well, yes. Our agency spends uninterrupted time building brilliant creative briefs that allow for the best quality of output to emerge from the creative department resulting in brilliant art direction and brilliant Graphic Design. All are supported by solid governance to provide error-free work.

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Content Creation and Copywriting

Storytelling has always sat well within the Irish psyche. Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Swift, Binchy, Banville, Doyle…the list is endless, and so too is our ability to bring words to life in support of a brand message. Wonderful artists, including Henry, le Brocquy, Bulter Yeats, Lavery and Maser, provided further fruition of the artistic talent that has emerged from our Celtic heritage. That merging of art, words, and creativity into copy and the visual appeal is unearthed daily within our team of skilled practitioners.

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Advertising and Media Buying

Bringing ideas to life on the back of brilliant thinking allows our team to best understand where and how to communicate the propositions they have developed. Media buying for us is a surgical process. It’s never about taking the easy option when it comes to media buying. It’s far richer than that. Where is the audience? How many touchpoints are required to truly deliver the best outcome? What’s the value proposition? Although our team is diverse, as a creative agency, we understand the Irish media landscape and how to unlock the audience your brand is seeking to appeal to.

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