Bizspoke Inc is our European business partner for curating exceptional itineraries in Ireland and Europe, with inaccessible elements for HNW entrepreneurs and business leaders.  

This client is top tier and every minute of their experience in Ireland needed to be carefully chosen with extreme attention to detail.


At all times discretion and premia is foremost in our strategic planning for Bizspoke, while delivering unique, unbuyable experiences for our mutual clients. 

VBPR planned and implemented a number of bespoke itineraries showcasing Dublin’s iconic experiences.  Firstly hosting 60 exclusive guests from YPO Bombay, followed closely by 40 senior executives from a leading banking corporation in India.

These itineraries are carefully curated with strategic business meetings plus cultural and entertainment elements ordinarily out of reach.  For example a U2 track recording in Windmill Lane Studios, exclusive takeovers including iconic Dublin Cathedrals and inbound international talent from Europe and India.