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Keelings Happy Januberry

Keelings started the new year with a bright, upbeat campaign wishing their customers a Happy Januberry!

The campaign is designed to bring a burst of summer into people’s lives on these dark gloomy days whilst also encouraging the consumption of berries; a quick and healthy snack on their own, and equally as delicious when added to your breakfast!

The Happy Januberry campaign featured heavily on Out of Home, including Bus shelters, AdShels and Metropoles as well as digital formats – AdShe live, Tesco Live, SuperValu Screens. The digital formats allowed for an engaging animation to draw in the consumer, which was also utilised to promote the campaign across Video on Demand. The eye-catching creative also appeared in the press across the month, with the message tailored to support a happier Blue Monday this year. Nip the Blues in the Bud featured in national press around Blue Monday.

The campaign was brought to life both in-store and online with point of sale materials across Dunnes, Tesco and SuperValu and was supported heavily across our own digital channels.