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Keelings First Irish Strawberries of 2020 have Arrived!

Spring has sprung and comes with it the first Irish strawberries of the season. Marketing Network Group worked with Keelings to promote the arrival of the first Irish strawberry harvest of 2020. The campaign ran across all agency departments including PR, marketing, and digital. With the campaign aligning closely with the closure of many retail stores due to Covid-19, an alternative strategy was developed to adapt the campaign to the changing market in a way which was sensitive to the situation while also aiming for maximum traction. 

The marketing team activated point of sale across all retail multiples, both in store and online, and created a flash label for the First Irish Strawberry packs celebrating the first 2020 harvest. The digital team developed a range of assets to celebrate the arrival whilst heroing the delicious Strawberry Lemonade Cake recipe both on social media and on the Keelings ezine. 

The PR team drafted a press release to announce the first harvest which was sent to national and trade media. The release included information on the newly developed Keelings glasshouses that extend the strawberry season. A media drop also supported the campaign which included punnets of Keelings Irish strawberries and a framed strawberry print by an Irish artist. The drop gained significant traction online, achieving over 60% engagement. 

Despite the challenging times being faced by brands and consumers alike, it is great to see such a positive story and response!