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Sink or Swim…

This month The PR Team, jumped aboard The Boat, MV Cill Airne in Dublin Bay, for the Marketing Society Summer Event, I FC’d Up.

Three distinguished speakers from the world of marketing, revealed how they have FC’d up in their careers and how they have bounced back. The speakers included Rachael Kane, PR and Mischief Champion at Paddy Power, Justin Cullen, Founding Partner of Jolt Media and Chairperson of Maximum Media, and Marck McGrath, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Ireland.

Our PR Account Executive Rachel McFadden took away some valid learnings from the evening:

  • Be adept at finding the reasons why something went wrong and ensure you don’t repeat them.
  • Failure is inevitable, it’s what you make of your failures that is the key to future success.
  • Be aware of the differences in what you expected and what was achieved, and list them – what were the discrepancies?
  • If you’re in a senior position, consider allowing your subordinates to make the mistakes you can forsee, due to your past experience, and allow them to learn and evolve. Obviously, “to a degree” is important to remember here!

There was an abundance of learning opportunities and more importantly, plenty of laughs! As an agency, we attend events to network with our industry peers and gain insights for our own development and to share with our clients.

Check out Marketing Society for their full list of upcoming events.

“He who learns but does not think, is lost!  He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” Confucius